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Extra Special February Run

Hey guess what? It’s February. Month 2 of 12 in my Runelation. And this month’s race is extra special.

About two weeks ago I bated my pretty eyes at the husband and said “do you want to do a Valentine’s 5k with me?” There was some hesitation when I told him the race is outside but his final decision was “that sounds like fun”.  Maybe he’s hopping on the Runelation train with me?

There are two Sweetheart Shuffle’s happening within a comfortable driving distance from our house. Since my January race was in Troy, I opted to register for the Sweetheart Shuffle in Middletown. I registered us as a “twosome”.. maybe we need some funny-make-me-wanna-gag swag for this event? Like matching oversized sweatshirts of two kittens kissing with hearts circling above.

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While it is super sweet to run a Valentine’s race with my main squeeze that’s not why this race is extra special…

A few months ago I started reading Shut Up and Run’s blog because Kimi told me she is hilarious. (I concur.) However, earlier this month as I was catching up with my Google Reader subscriptions Beth posted that her cousin and friend went missing during an early morning run. 5 days later Beth learned that her cousin was never coming home. You may read more about Sherry Arnold here if you’d like. What happened to Sherry is terrible, evil and devastating. There is more I could say about this heinous act of selfishness but I won’t.

SUAR’s readers (including myself) flooded her inbox with prayers, support and warm words. When Beth mentioned having a virtual run for Sherry, we all sent cheers of encouragement. While we cannot change what has happened, we can let good prevail and honor a life that was taken too soon.

Please join me on Saturday February 11, 2012 for a Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold. If you’re not a runner pick your favorite activity (cycle, walk, hike, rollerblade, swim, dance) and dedicate it to Sherry, to Beth and the rest of their family and friends.

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