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Someone pinch me, I can’t believe what I’m about to write! Not only did I actually kick off my brilliant Runelation on January 1st but Dr. P and I ran our first 5K together.

We kept NYE very low key-we got all dressed up for our special reservations at the Pilchak Grille. Might be the first time in a long time that I put on a dress, heels, makeup and curled my hair to have dinner with my husband in our house. Adam grilled some fabulous steaks with an amazing blue cheese sauce. Mmm! We toasted some bubbly at midnight and I think I was fast asleep by 12:30. 

Sunday morning was gloomy and windy with a little rain. I was nervous but told myself it was better than the temperature being in the teens with snow. Around 11:15 we headed up to Troy to pick up our registration packets.  When we first arrived the parking lot was dead. I looked at Adam and apologized that his first race might be super lame. But as we waited (and waited) for 1pm to arrive tons of participants showed up, Speedy Feet started playing some music and I felt much more confident about the race I picked!

After a quick warm up of a few stretches and jumping jacks it was time to kick off this Runelation!

My race thoughts: It felt like it took forever to reach the first mile marker but in reality it was only 10 minutes and 5 seconds. (The first mile is always the hardest, right?) The first half of the second mile wasn’t too bad, I was surprised how well my lungs felt! But then I was running against the wind, which made it difficult. During the last mile it began to sleet and the winds really picked up. I’m talking hold on to your hat sorta wind.  Once Adam and I hit the third mile marker we took off in hopes to finish our first 5K within a 32 minute time frame. I crossed the finish line thinking “thank God, I’m tired”.

Results: Success! Adam finished 15 seconds ahead of me, making his total time 31:59:4 and my finish time 32:14:4. I’m so proud of him! He said the last time he ran was probably high school!

After we crossed the finish line we headed inside to warm up and enjoy some fresh fruit, bagels and water. I pulled up the Weather Chanel Ap to see how strong the winds were- 23mph. I’m really glad I didn’t lose my new running hat!

I think this was my favorite race that I’ve done so far. Not because of the course or my time but because of how it made me feel. It was the first time I ran for myself- I wasn’t running for a team, I wasn’t trying to stay up with one of my more active running friends, I wasn’t thinking about everyone who was running faster than me- it was about Adam and I finishing a 5k together in hopefully a decent time. It was awesome.

Now I’m ready to make some PR’s! Let’s do this 2012.

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