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A Runelation

If I’m going to be totally honest with myself, I’m on the fence on how I feel about my personal results from Saturday’s race. If I did my math right, my time was 31:08, making roughly an 11 minute pace. Truly, I anticipated finishing in 30 minutes but was hoping to make in 28 or less. Obviously, I didn’t meet either of those goals.

I spent a bigger portion then I’d like to admit on Saturday night bumming about my pace. But then voice of reason set in:

  • When was my last race, than I ran? The Bourbon Chase, 2 years ago.
  • How many times did I run this year preparing for the Akron race? Something like 5.

After I wrapped my head around those two facts I realized if I haven’t ran a race in 2 years, and I don’t run regularly- an 11 minute pace isn’t so horrible. I should be happy that I completed this run, that was uphill, while I felt sick to my stomach for about half of it.

So I did some more thinking and analyzing about this race and running in general which led me to a revelation or runelation if you will ;)

This race I noticed the other runners more. I took note that most of us out there aren’t competing against each other, we are competing with ourselves. I don’t think I saw one runner who looked like this was cupcake and champagne time. Every runner was pushing themselves and their limits. Maybe their goal was to just finish their leg, maybe they wanted to set a PR or maybe they just wanted to get it done. Not everyone has perfect running form, even some people who smoking fast didn’t have that chest up- shoulders back-high knees-pretend you’re holding potato chips in your fingers stance. I noticed people’s breathing. No one was singing the Star Spangled Banner as they ran past me. They were heaving and hawing just like I do. When I was at the expo I saw a shirt that said something like “if running was easy they’d call it football” (side note: I’ve only played Power Puff football, so I’m by no means knocking the toughness of football- I’m pretty certain every linebacker out there could take me down) But that’s when I realized- running is hard for everyone.

I’ve asked numerous runners “when am I going to like this? When will I enjoy this?”- Typical answers were “never!” or “once you’re done”. I didn’t get it. I mean how does someone run only to be happy once their done running. I don’t design greeting cards hating the entire time I’m creating one. I enjoy creating art from paper- that’s why I have Lilly Pea Designs.

It’s no lie that I think Molly is a bad ass. And we all know how much Kimi inspires me. Something about hearing them talk about their challenges, setbacks and sometimes plain out hating a run really struck me. Or maybe that was Cupid because somewhere in the last few days I’ve falling in love with the sport of running. While yes, I still hate the physical act of running but my mental game is starting to change. And let’s face it, running is such a mental sport. Yeah it wasn’t until recently that I actually understood a split (and it maybe another year before I understand how to track the time on my watch)- and I had to google what PR meant. I just learned about foam rollers and I’m still uncertain why an ice bath is a good idea (that just sounds painfully cold to me) but I know I want to find out. I’m tired of having one foot in and one foot out in this running game. I want to receive a medal and feel good about it. I want to set some PR’s. I want to not feel like a poser when someone asks me if I’m a runner.

While I know there are still about 2 months left of this year, I’ve already made a goal for 2012! I want to run a race every month. I want to do some 5ks, 10ks and a half marathon. Finding a race in January/February might be a challenge. And I’m not sure how I’ll fit one in come November/December with craft shows. And of course I could injury myself and not be able to run at all but for now, I’m setting some goals and I’m going to see what happens. So far on my radar:

I haven’t decided what distance I’ll run for the races that give me an option. I know I’d like to do a St Pat’s run, but I think I might be out of town that weekend. I also know that at some point I really want to do a Turkey Trot but I’m not sure that is feasible since we always travel for Thanksgiving. A lot of the ’12 races are not listed yet but I’m sure it won’t be a problem finding one for the other 7 months!

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