Dear Kid Wednesday: 51 weeks & 4 days..

This is a series of little letters written to my son for him to read someday…

Little man,

This upcoming Saturday is your FIRST birthday! We have a big party planned for you. Family & friends from near and far, balloons (boy do you love balloons), cake, presents, and Mickey everything!

As we approach this milestone, I can’t help but to be sentimental a little. Not necessarily because you’re getting older but more as a reflection of this last year. Specifically, how much my heart has grown. Did you know that Mommy’s have HUGE hearts full of love? Cause they do. It’s kinda crazy. 

Every time I see pictures or watch the video Dad made of your birth, my eyes tear up. There are so many emotions that flood over me when I think about that day. My first time ever being admitted to a hospital, my first IV.. my first major surgery. Those things were all scary. But there is a picture Dad took when they let me hold you for the first time. I cry every time I see this picture because I can remember how I felt at that moment. As I looked at your sweet face tears filled my eyes and my heart over flowed with love. My precious baby boy had arrived! 

Over the past year, Daddy and I have learned a lot about ourselves. Being a parent isn’t always easy. There are sleepless nights, decisions to stress about, days when the laundry and dishes pile up because there isn’t enough time. Lots of adjustments made as our family shifted from two to three. But you know what? We couldn’t be happier. Our life is so full of love. 

The amount of joy you bring into my life radiates deep into my soul. One of your smiles can turn any day around. Watching you become excited or figuring out how to do something is pretty much astounding. You’re the best. 

Happy birthday, tiny bff. I love you. 

Forever and always,


Dear Kid Wednesday: Pre-toddler on the horizon!

This is a series of little letters written to my son for him to read someday…

My sweet boy,

On Monday Dad and I met with your the teacher for the new classroom you’ll move into next month. Your new teachers seem very friendly and you’re class is mostly boys. The new room has lots of cool older baby toys and daily planned activities. Dad and I are really excited for your transition  Of course we will have our battles (no more bottles & a scheduled nap time) but we think you’ll really enjoy the new classroom.

This past week you’ve really turned a corner. Your curiosity is expanding, you’re leaving behind being an infant and cruising right into pre-toddler. I love that you’ve started to explore our home. Last week we were playing in your room and you left me to play solo. Something in the living room caught your eye and off you went- army crawling away from me. You’re testing your ability to stand on your own and starting to get the courage to pull up on things. Your legs are so strong buddy, I know once you figure this out you’ll be running around everywhere.

To think just a few weeks ago I was really concerned about you and table food. Now you own meal time with how well you eat. You’re making hand to mouth contact like a pro. You’re even trying to give me and Dad bites. It’s adorable. We just love that you eat what we eat now (with a few exceptions; still no candy or nuts for you lil dude)- mealtimes are so much more fun when we are all eating together. 

You clap and say ‘yeahhhh’, you give the biggest hugs for being pint size, you are starting to waive when you say ‘hi’ and light up every time you see Shelly or Winston. 

Over the weekend you were pretty much a sleep on the couch and I put my hand over yours- and this sweet little smile came across your face as you wrapped your hand around my finger. I have no words for how that moment in time made me feel, but I do know I’ll cherish it forever. 

You amaze me, son, just by you being you. 

With all my love,


Fashion Friday: OOTW vol 1.2

Hi all!

Here’s the outfits I wore to work this week.




Blouse: Kohls
Pants: Kohls
Belt: Express
Necklace: Kohls
Peeps: Kohls



Sweater: Old Navy
Crops: Old Navy
Scarf: Target
Flip flops: Victoria’s Secret
Bracelets: F21, Kate Spade
Earrings: Vintage


Top: F21
Sweater Vest: Loft
Skinnies: Wet Seal
Boots: Calvin Klein via Zulily
Scarf: Burberry



Tee: F21
Blazer: Kohls
Cords: Old Navy
Booties: Target
Necklace: Von Maur



Sweater: Victoria’s Secret
Jeans: 7 for All Mankind
Earrings: Jen’s Backyard on Etsy
Flats: Wet Seal

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